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It has been a good week on the site. Thanks for everyone that commented on my various posts. There has been some good threads about the various topics with various viewpoints, which is what this is all about. So without further adieu here are some stellar blog links.

Find out if your blog is cheating on you – Find out at the colorstruck blog. Hilarious geek humor that will make you giggle like a little school girl.

Trackbacks are useful for newbsRevellian.com is a great blog resource with many different topics that will keep you entertained for hours if not for days.

Fixed your scratched CD/DVDs with bananas – From the guys at geeksaresexy.net who post excellent tech articles with a growing community.

Guy answers his Spam do they hear him? – Interesting blog post by an interesting blogger. DCRblogs has some very original posts.

Mahalo offers continuous search – Interesting, good luck to guys and gals at Mahalo.

Hobbit homes are popping up in England – I wonder if this is how Lord of the Rings started?

Art with a sobering message – Maybe this will help people get it, don’t drink and drive.

That’s all for today, everyone have a great day.

4 thoughts on “Blog Links

  1. Brent: Thanks so much for the link luv. You’ve listed some good articles in your post. I really like the one on trackbacks. FYI: I’m subscribing to your RSS feed to make sure I get the latest posts. Later!

  2. Thanks for the link Brent! I’m actually looking at your blog with my winxp box (how embarassing) while I update my linux. I really do appreciate it and I wish you great success! I’ll be reading:)

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