I ran a fairly active blog between 2007 and 2009 using the WordPress platform. WordPress worked well for my needs and was definitely leading mindshare when it came to blogging. Alternatives have come and gone but WordPress has held fairly steady.

I have been trying to get back into blogging and write more regularly. I changed web hosts and got WordPress up-to-date and imported all my outdated content. It seemed like most of the time I was patching WordPress and managing comments. I think WordPress is a great platform for various things (like multimedia, blogging, content) but for just plain-old-blogging (POB) I feel it is a bit of overkill.

I’ve tried a number of blogging platform to find one that just works for me. I just want to write and publish. Enter jekyll it’s simple, extendable, and can even hook into github pages.

I’ve been a fan and supported of github for nearly two years now. The growth from github is just amazing and I believe it is truly an influential product. Their support of jekyll in github pages really swayed me into taking a look at the software and see what it’s all about.

I typically run on a Windows machine and I couldn’t really get it all working on there so I just fired up an Ubuntu image. Getting jekyll running in a linux environment was no problem at all.

Now when I want to write a blog I can type the blog in markdown, commit the changes to github, run the script to upload to my web server. Now I will have all my changes, a mirror, and a way to send out to my production server.

I’m hoping this will allow me to be more productive with my writing meaningful posts and ideas.

Look for some changes coming soon!