The Sweet Sound of Change

Nothing endures but change.

I find myself in my final year of College, at last. This marks yet another year of changing faces, places, and alike. The common thread among all my education has been change. College is about adapting, learning, and changing.

I begun my college career in 2001. Yes I have been in school for going on 7 years now. I guess I am not a traditional student per say. I am thankful for my experience and I think I have an interesting perspective on college life. The landscape of colleges is totally different now as compared to 2001. I think this is true in about any area of life. Things change, times change, change occurs.

There has been such a bigger emphasis on “group work” in the past few years as opposed to earlier years in my college career. I think this is valuable experience for the work field. Working with people is vital in any area of the “real world”. The way we interact with people is crucial for success. I think I am an easy fellow to get along with and that goes a long way.

I hope this year, as opposed to years passed, I am going to integrate things from my classes into my blog postings. I think this will be interesting and fun to see what people think of the things I learn in school. This semester I have some fun classes like UI Design and Implementation, JAVA II, Network Security, and Astronomy. Hopefully this will keep me fairly excited about the subjects that I am learning.

I am ready for change, and we must remember that change is not bad. Change is the essence of life.

6 thoughts on “The Sweet Sound of Change

  1. I am with you on Change. Every year is a transformation of sorts…like a continuation of new beginnings, discoveries. I, too, strongly believe in change being a positive thing because it’s progressive. It’s important to not rush these years of our lives…it serves as the basis for the rest of lives. Living, like the learning process (and like love), really can’t be hurried.

    Look forward to reading more of your post (as I’ve added you to my “I LIKE TO READ” linkage)!

  2. Oh yeah, and I’m totally addicted to technology. I think it has more to do with discovering something previously unknown to me. In the span of 3 months of become a proud, self-proclaimed Blogger, lols!

  3. I graduated in Jan of 95. I went 4 years and a semester. I’m sure it’s changed dramatically since I left the college scene. Technology for one and culture for another. This was an interesting post…got me thinking of how fast times change.

  4. Hey Brent;

    “College is about adapting, learning, and changing…”

    And then again, such is life. There will always be new things to learn, new opportunities for growth and yes, many changes. It’s great isn’t it?

    It will be interesting to see you integrate some of your college life in with your posts. Looking forward to it as I will be a first time college student myself, next year. perhaps I’ll gain some insight into the way of things! lol

    Take care;

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