My Affinity for Programming

I started programming in what most programmers do.  BASIC, it is the beginning, the building blocks, the genesis, etc etc.  After learning about the wonderful nuances of BASIC I was quickly thrown into the hard cold world of Turbo Pascal.  I don’t remember much of Turbo Pascal, but I remember it was not kind.  After using many printfs and so forth I moved to C and C++.  C and C++ were not too bad.  Pointers were kind of interesting at an early age, but I could not see myself working with them forever.

So I went to college to pursue the wonderful career of System Administrator.  This was pre 9/11, end of web 1.0, and the landscape was kind of shakey.  The web always interested me and I wanted to do some projects in the web space.  I started with PHP 3/4 and made my own CMS.  It wasn’t anything fancy… basically it was a web interface to edit txt files, which was basically a pseudo database.  I found myself dedicating a lot of time to programming and really enjoyed it.

I got my degree in System Administration, but had a great desire to continue programming.  Thus I went to Penn State to continue my education and learn how to become a Software Developer.  I learned a lot at Penn State.  About hard work, listening, understanding concepts… I learned that being a Software Developer isn’t so much about coding, but understanding the needs of people.  Coding is very important, but that is the easy stuff, the fun stuff!  To interpret the wants and demands of people that really have no idea what a database is.  It is a challenge, but it is something Penn State has prepared me for.

It has been a long challenging road, but it has all been worth it in the end.  The ends do justify the means in this case I dare say.  This was a quick narrative of my rise to Software Developerdum.  To say I have an affinity for programming is an under statement.  It is apart of me.  It is at the core of what I do.  I don’t really have a job or career, because I enjoy every single second of it.  It is a challenge that I love.

4 thoughts on “My Affinity for Programming

  1. Brent, Nice site – and GREAT insight regarding what a software developer is.

    I worked for a SW Development company for twelve years and that understanding is what helps makes a company successful – keeping your clients happy because you truly understand their needs. Love your outlook!

  2. What’s up Brent! Loving what you do is so important, and most people don’t have that. The only computer certification I have is A+, which I taught myself. I’ve been learning python and php, and learned a little C and fortran in college. I don’t have any fun or inspiration if I’m not constantly learning. This post is inspiring! I wish you great success in your career 🙂

  3. Thanks Denise and Bobby! Love both of your blogs.

    Been awhile Bobby. Glad to see you are still going strong with your blog! You write great articles.

  4. You changed your theme and your name! Looking good!

    Good luck with your developing career. 🙂

    I started with BASIC (several variations) too, then C/C++. Also Perl, PHP. Oh, I tried assembly language for a bit too. I could crash a PC with just one line of code!

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