Microsoft Developers User Group Stevenson University

I attended the Maryland and Pennsylvania Microsoft Developers User Group on July 22, 2008. It was at Stevenson University (formerly Villa Julie). It’s a beautiful campus located in the woods off of I-695! It was my first time going to a user group like that. It was okay probably going to try the Harrisburg Developers User Group and see how that goes. I’m more interested in talking about software development and programming techniques.


There was a speaker, Advanced IT student, who gave a rousing speak on Project Management Software. It was an okay intro to that Software, but seemed to miss a lot of what’s happening right now. He gave some examples, but none with software development. I think software development is a totally different ballpark then for example winery. I think Agile Development is really changing what software we use and how we use it. Mingle is probably the “best” for Agile Development. I’ve used Agile Track to have management on an Agile project.

There was a web seminar on some new features of Visual Studio 2008. I’m quite excited about some of the cool new features. The one feature I am most excited about is Javascript Debugging! Debugging Javascript is so annoying… to be able to step through Javascript will save so much time. The split screen mode in 2008 also looks very promising.


I also won the main door prize! I got a wireless keyboard and some software (Visual Studio 2008, Windows Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008). Visual Studio and SQL Server are both developers version while Windows Server is a year free trial. I’m going to try them out and see what they are all about.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Developers User Group Stevenson University

  1. Jumping around your blog today … saw you at Revellian.
    Sounds like you have a lot of knowlege to share. Can you do more posting in a “laymans referance”? I am new to programming, and have just a basic undersanding of HTML. I love to learn new computer operations, but find many sources to advanced for my newbee understanding of Java, servers, and the like.

    Anyhoo … hello from Speedy in Minnesota 🙂

  2. Hey Brent:

    Good to see you back. Love the new look.

    I’d be interested in hearing of your experiences with Windows 2008 Server. We use 2003 Server but I’m wondering how the upgrade differs.

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