Learning is Lifelong

After many years in school and working lowly, but rewarding, jobs in IT, I truly feel learning is one of the best attributes that I possess.  It is an attribute that everyone should strive for and keep close to them no matter what.

As I have stated many times before… I am an avid listener of podcasts and video podcasts.  I love them because they help me stay up-to-date in this frequently changing world of IT.  I would have to say my newest vidcast that I have been enjoying lately has been HAK5.  They are just a bunch of real down to earth people talking about technology!  They are a bit goofy but that’s okay with me.  I believe they were recently added to revision3, and I’m quite glad they were.

I really enjoyed the piece by Chris Gerling on reverse engineering on .NET applications (and more).  This is a very handy skill to have especially since I work with .NET.  As I watched the podcast I didn’t think much about it.  I found it to be very cool and engrossing; tres geek.  I like how they broke the segment down onto multiple episodes (inside of being deluged).


Come a few weeks later (now), a couple of the network guys came to my cube and asked me if I could help them with an application a previous developer wrote.  I politely said “Sure! Not a problem”, which they responded with “Great one catch though, all we have is the EXEcutable and we need it ASAP”.  I think that was actually two catches, but anyhow.

I said calm and coolly, “all we need to do is decompile the application get the source code and we’ll be ready to go”.  I suspect it was not the answer they were expecting.  I was calm and cool because I just watched the great hak5 episodes that involved reverse engineering!  Hot dog.  I earned major cred points for my attitude and how quickly I was able to reproduce the code for the problem.

After inspecting the code we found the problem to be a configuration code; not a development bug.  This was such a critical step the problem solving process.  This also proves that learning is a lifelong process that needs to continue beyond school and become apart of your life.

6 thoughts on “Learning is Lifelong

  1. Hey Brent!! I’m glad you’re enjoying season four of Hak5! Your blog popped up on my Google Alerts and I just wanted to say thanks for the shoutout. 😀

  2. That’s a great attitude Brent, and in my opinion, more important than anything else. I love to learn so much, it’s overshadowed what I’m actually learning at times…haha!

    Every time I read, see or hear something I don’t know, I become interested in it and learn about it. For instance, if I see a word I’ve never used or don’t know the meaning of, I write it down on a note pad and learn all about it – until I know it and use it in everyday language. I apply that to everything.

    Thanks! This is an inspiring article 🙂

  3. Legendary guitarist Segovia once said “It is better to be a pupil at 90 than a master at 14.” Meaning of course, the real joy comes in the learning..

    Great point Brent, and thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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