Adding Tooltips to Checkboxlist Items

checkbox-1 The CheckBoxList control in Microsoft ASP .NET 2.0 can be quite limiting in features.  You can set a tooltip for the overall control; we can say “HEY THIS IS A CHECKBOXLIST”, which is great if that somehow helps you.  The true power would be in adding a tooltip to each individual item in the checkboxlist.  It would be nice to databind the field like other ASP .NET 2.0 Controls, but again no such luck.

To add a Tooltip to each individual item you are going to have to loop through the control.  By setting the title attribute to whatever you want will give you the individual control to name each checkbox in the checkboxlist.  This can done be done when pulling items in or on the case of a control firing.  Whatever works for you.

‘ Loop through CheckBoxList and set tooltip to checked if selected
For Each item As ListItem In CheckBoxList1.Items
If item.Selected Then
item.Attributes(“title”) = “CHECKED”
End If

This is really just a quick and dirty way to add tooltips to checkboxlist items.  If you are already pulling in jQuery or some other library I would say use one of the many Tooltip plugins out there.  If you are not using any Javascript libraries this can be a quick way to help achieve a goal.  I’m not sure if this will work in Firefox, but if you are going for crossbrowser definitely check out a Javascript library.

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