Build Badges are a great way to communicate the build status of a given build for a project. Having this information quickly available to developers and project related staff is priceless. This can be stuffed in your and displayed on the project home in TFS.

How to Enable

Enable Build Badge for your build in the options for the build

Build Definition > Edit > Options

TFS also provides the URL for the build badge once it is enabled.

I also wanted to include some steps for traversing the REST API in TFS to get this information. It is always good to know what is going on under the hood.

Finding the URL via REST

Find Project ID Guid


https://{Instance}/{Collection}/_apis/projects/{Project GUID}

Ex. Project GUID 548E7A15-CFD4-49FA-893C-84C2EC0E3116

Find Build Definition ID

On the result look for definition id parameter


Take a look at the perma link

http://{Instance}/_permalink/_build/index?collectionId={Collection GUID}&projectId={Project GUID}&definitionId={Build Definition ID}

This way you can verify all the information is correct.

Putting it all together

http://{Instance}/{Collection}/_apis/public/build/definitions/{Project GUID}/{Build Definition ID}/badge?api-version=4.1

Now we can see our build status!

Oh no! Time to fix the build!

For more information:

I believe since these RESTful API is in the _public directory it could be reached outside of TFS. I have only used it internally within files. I will have to check.