I do believe that remote working and working at home during a pandemic are two far different things. There is overlap and a lot of information can be gleamed from both. See Quarantine work is not Remote work.


  • Treat each work day like a work day
  • Shower, get dressed, and start your day with a meal
  • Wake up at the same time everyday during the week to have a routine
  • Exercise
    • Walk the dog every morning (if you don’t have a dog go for a walk)
    • Get a workout in
    • Go for a run

Track Your Work

I keep a repository of markdown files, by date, that has a history log of what I have been working on. This has come in handy many times. Also, I like to keep a history of big milestones or a “brag” list; this is a helpful document when someone asks, “so what have you been doing”. This is a quick refresher of all the problems solved and projects completed.

Have A Dedicated Work Area

  • An area where you work each day is like going to an office
  • Having a door is a great plus
  • A nice, clean work area is paramount; just like in an office!
  • Get an upgraded chair to sit in since you will be spending large periods of time in it

  • I recently refurbished a GoodWill L shaped desk. I removed the particleboard and refinished some nice pine for the top. Re-use!

Invest In Technology

  • Grab an upgraded microphone, webcam, and headset
    • I’m currently running:
      • Blue Yeti Nano on a boom arm
      • Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000
      • Logitech G430 headset
  • Bonus: Get some additional lighting for visibility i.e. Ring Light on a boom arm


At the end of the day shut down – close your editor, e-mail client, and disconnect your VPN. I like to take the dog for a walk at the end of the work day and get fresh air. This is a nice break to close out the work day.