I have been working remotely full-time for nearly a year now: a 3/15/2020 remote anniversary. One of the bigger changes I have made in my home office has been upgrading the lighting. My home office was more of a guest room that was converted into an office. It is now an office that can also be a guest room!

The Issue

The old lighting in the room was a 3 halogen overhead light. With the door shut and an hour-long meeting the room would be sizzling! It was after one of these long meetings that I went outside, in the cold weather, and started shivering uncontrollably. After that experience I started researching lights to replace my primary light in the office.

I ended up purchasing the: BAZZ Utility Flush Mount RGBW and I am really enjoying it.

This is a LED driven light that gives up little to no heat as opposed to the halogen lights that gave off an immense heat.

Office @ Home

One of the good things of the office was always the lighting. The bright overhead lighting felt like a productivity boost. Though the ability to never change this except for on/off was a detriment. Having a private office space a few times in my career there was definitely never a middle ground with lighting.

Bright = Productivity

I have found having a high lumen light is great for keeping you alert and focused on the task at hand. This is definitely something that can vary from person to person. This is my preference and yours may be different. This light at the max output feels like office lighting.

I wanted to show some up close pictures of the light itself. The product is quite good and solid.

Bright White Light

The 6000 lumens is great for helping with focusing on work or cleaning (you really can see any dirt). It is really a bright white light.

Bright White Light

Dimming Control

I really love the ability to change to different scenes or customize the light brightness myself. During a meeting where I want focus to be on the meeting; the ability to turn the light down and dim is amazing – also the ability to change warmth helps.

Dim White Light

After Work Hours

After work is over the ability to control the light into different colors and scenes can transform your workspace. Gorgeous: where it cycling through all the RGB colors and dimming automatically is fantastic. I like the deep color purple with a breathing effect to help unwind after a day of work. This ability really helps reshape the space to feel different than the work day.

Purple Light

The BAZZ Smart Home App

This app is great and straight forward. It has a lot of control and ability to add more devices from BAZZ. I’m looking forward to trying some of their other offerings. I’m just getting started in home automation and this has been a great first step.

BAZZ Smart Home App

The ability to add a schedule is interesting. Could the timer be integrated with the Pomodoro Technique? Who needs a kitchen tomato (apple in my case) timer when you can use a light timer!

And Beyond

The other tid-bit of this application is the ability to create automation when the weather changes, sunrise/sunset, wind speed, weather, temperature, on a schedule, or when a device status changes. This is a powerful tool that can definitely increase the effectiveness of the light.