When I worked in an office I had a standing desk and it definitely helped with fatigue and productivity. I’m sure this is different for each person, but I find the standing work experience to help keep productivity going. It will also save some mileage on the chair!

I really liked the L-shaped desk that I have been using, so I decided to upgrade the frame to a standing desk frame and keep the top.

Standing Desk Frame

I went with the following standing desk frame from Lovinouse.

Lovinouse Electric Standing Desk Frame

What I have liked about this frame so far:

  • Simple to assembly
  • Solid – it is sturdy in all positions (up and down)
    • My desk is actually more sturdy now!
  • Quiet
    • The 3 motors that power it are not loud
  • Smooth up/down movement
  • Configurable
    • Placement of up/down and height memory can me moved
  • Customizable
    • The widths can be adjusted on either side of this desk

The only issue I ran into was the shipping and I do not find that to be a fault of this product. Shipping in general has been a mess lately.

Wire Management

The desk also comes with 3 or 4 sticky zip ties to help hide the cables under the desk. These work really well.

I also picked up a couple of wire management baskets to deal with all the wires that I have.

Under Desk Cable Management by https://scandinavianhub.com/

I have a laptop and a desktop on my desk, so dealing with multiple power bricks and cables was a necessity.

Things to Remember

The important part is to check is if the widths match for the desk you are replacing. This standing desk frame supports: 47” min. to 71” max., width from 54” min. to 69” max. This fell right in the sweet spot of my desk.

Overall the difficulty of doing this replacement felt moderate at most. This is definitely a project that can be completed on a weekend afternoon.

I also added a LED strip underneath to give it a nice glow! Enjoy!